Radicalization vs. Weaponization

In our current discourse on the topic of Islamic Supremacy, it is clear that the idea of radicalization no longer holds meaning for the western audience. No one ever asks what radicalization is, or by what process it occurs. The term ‘Radical Islam’ is inflammatory to the progressive left, who refuse to accept that the religion of Islam is connected to the jihadist terrorism carried out in its name. The term ‘Violent Extremism’ is much more palatable to Islam’s apologists in academia and defenders in the press, and too, for the politically correct policy wonks and spineless leader class in Europe and the Americas, today. What is lost in the debate is the nature of ‘radicalization’. The word ‘radical’ has been used to describe progressive, liberal and socialist leftists for well over a decade. The term is usually associated with an ideology, not a religion. And, for the anti-Islamization activists in the West, that is precisely the point. In their estimation, Islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology intent on establishing a global caliphate. But, whether they would agree or no, Islam is a religion with 1.7 billion adherents.  It is likely that 170 million of these Muslims (10% worldwide) are radicalized. The question that no one can answer with a research poll or cultural study is: How many Muslims have been weaponized? This unasked question in the main offers the Counter-Sharia crowd an opportunity to lend Providence a hand and win the war of ideas at long last. However, to do so will require a leap of humility, namely, the recognition that they have been right in their identification of the threat yet wrong about the nature of the threat.




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