APRIL 12, 2016

By and large, the leading scholars and activists of the counterjihadist and anti-Islamization movements now languidly gelling in the West have focused their educational vignettes on the specter of Shariah Law. In so doing, they have formed their core arguments against the glaringly apparent dualism of the political ideology within Islam, itself, via the tenets and injunctions of the faith wrought by the Koran, the Hadith, the Sira and Sunna traditions. However, though it is clear in the minds of the jihadists and Islamists the world over that a clash of civilizations is hotly on, the valid concerns of liberty’s champions spelled out in both domestic and international spheres continue to fall on deaf ears at the highest levels of governance in the West. As such, to fully arm the mounting opposition to Islamic Supremacy with the capacity to break out of the echo chamber of resentment and thereby mobilize onto the stage of dissent with an effective revolt, I give you Dhimmipolitik.

Dhimmipolitik defined:The statecraft of ethically, economically, politically, diplomatically, or militarily submitting to the dictates of Shariah Law; accepting the supremacy of Allah’s Rights over Individual Rights and National Sovereignty via policies of appeasement and surrender.



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